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The night exchange platform between tourist accommodation owners. Would you like to spend a couple of days abroad? Discover another region? Enjoying a holiday in other structures types than yours? Want to share experiences in a privileged way with other accommodation owners? Finding new ideas? Stay at their lodging without having to host them in return? Trading while being guaranteed of their quality and fairness? Want to easily gift such a stay to your children or friends? ...and all of this in a privileged manner by paying differently? ... you host tourists on holiday all year round... what if it were your turn? Make the most of your status as hotelier ... Thanks to BnBreathe, you're the one that is travelling VIP for once!

Expensive holidays ? Not for you !

What is BnBreathe?   (The answer here below)

BnBreathe is a night exchange platform for professional tourist accommodation owners such as B&B, guest houses, lodges, family hotels, tourist accommodations, AirBnb.
As a BnBreathe member, treat your loved ones and yourself to free and fair nights in all properties of other members.

How does it work?

BnBreathe uses virtual money the value of which is based on public rates which are actually charged for non-members. You specify the price per night for each accommodation you offer in the exchange system.


You host BnBreathe members in your lodging that pay for their stay with the virtual money of the platform.

Save money

The money builds up in your e-wallet.

Buy virtual money on the BnBreathe stock market.


You can then also use your virtual money to stay at an other member's lodging, and it does not necessarily have to be that of the one that stayed at yours.

Why register?

  • To be able to enjoy a couple of days off away from home more often and at a cheaper price!
  • Thanks to BnBreathe, you are guaranteed to go to a professionally-run place. Each registration is subject to a manual analysis by us to check that the new BnBreathe candidate member meets the registration conditions to the platform and that the data entered is correct.
  • For professional activities only, you can check yourself the consistency of the information available on BnBreathe with those you might find on other website to confirm your choice of place for your next stay.
  • Treat your loved ones to presents by booking a stay for them with another member. This is a way to make nice presents without going bankrupt.
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Amongst our members

  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Eastern Cape South Africa
    Country living, Nature park,
    Relaxing, Hiking, Peaceful
  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Lot France
    Charme, Nature, 4 épis,
    Calme, Écologie, Piscine naturelle
  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Valais Suisse
    Charme, Montagne, Chaleureux,
    Confort, Chambre d'hôtes, Cocooning
  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Costa Brava España
    Naturaleza, 4 orejas, Comida local,
    Parque natural, Cama y desayuno
  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Val de Loire France
    Festival des jardins, Châteaux, Zen,
    Authentique, Chambre d'hôtes,
  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Côte d'Albâtre France
    Falaises, Charme, 4 épis,
    Vue, Cuisine locale, Calme
  • BnBreathe's Bed and Breakfast
    Champagne-Ardenne France
    Nature, Golf, Champagne, Vignoble,
    Chambre d'hôtes, Tradition vignoble

Still unsure?

  • Once your registration has been validated, you will receive twice the amount for a night's stay in your own business in virtual money. You can thus book two nights at the business of another member offering a quality equivalent to that of yours. You can of course also use this virtual money to select a place more or less expensive than yours.
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Already a member of another exchange or rental organization?

Do not have enough time or control over your computer to create your own ad?

We can retrieve the information provided on other sites to create your BnBreathe offer.

You have nothing to do, we take care of everything for you!

Send us the link to the property you are offering and we will register you with the information we find on the Internet!

Your offer will be ready in a short time and you will be able to start sending requests for your stay.

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